About Us

My wife and I work from home in one of several home businesses she has. She specializes in weight loss and is actively looking for better products all the time. It seems that products come and go. You may have a real good and effective product only to have the company change the formula. Usually the change is brought about by government regulations. Garcinia Cambogia is still and effective product and it has made it through the problems of being regulated. So far it can still be added to weight loss supplements. 

Many of the companies she deals with have made a considerable investment in innovative technologies that help us deliver timely, safely, and find the best priced products that work for our customers. Our main goal is supplying our customers is with products that actually work. So many claim to work only to find that real testing has never been done.

My wife loves her home business and hopes to never return to the corporate world. Her home businesses have had their ups and downs but she always finds a new company when one changes products or no longer uses reps to promote their products. She uses Spin Rewriter to help her write her articles and then checks them with Copyscape to make sure they are original. You can go from making a 20% commission to nothing overnight. You are at the companies mercy when they decide to change their marketing stratagey. 

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