Belly Fat And You

  Lose Belly Fat  Belly fat is commoner than one would believe considering the fact that those with a relatively flat and lean stomach also have an element of belly fat. Many of us should be on some type of weight loss program and not even know it. If you are wondering as to whether you have belly fat or not all that you would need to do is to wrap a regular measuring tape around your middle just above the level of the hip bone and record the reading in inches. If you should measure more than 35 inches then you are a high risk individual for heart disease and diabetes type 2 in addition to a higher risk for cancers like breast and colonic.


It may well come as a surprise that it is critical that you eat breakfast every morning at a fixed time which is ideally within an hour of your waking up. A classically healthy breakfast option is to consume eggs and peanut butter in addition to plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

The logic being that this would ensure that you are consuming plenty of proteins and high fibre food for breakfast which takes a long time to digest and is relatively low on calories. Thus you would find it far simpler to get through your morning without needing to resort to sugary and processed supplements like biscuits and sweets.


If you would like to lose weight and belly fat the perfect option is to ensure that you control your stress. This could be attributed to the fact that high stress levels can release a hormone known as cortisol in medical terminology and is invariably associated with belly fat.

Some of the commoner techniques for relaxing and busting stress are to sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night and keep time for relaxation. Visit https://slimweightloss.net/ to learn more about how you can slim down.

Thus one could well conclude that eating the right breakfast and relaxing during the day could ensure that you work your way towards a flat belly and weight loss per say.