Whey Protein

Importance Of Whey Protein

Protein DrinksIn simple terms, whey protein is that watery part of milk that is produced when cheese is made. The name is as a result of the cheese making procedure; its biological value is higher than a number of foods, among them beef, soya and fish. Due to this fact, a higher percentage of it is used to build body muscle. Branched amino acid that is essential is also contained in whey protein – this, as studies show could be the most vital for muscle. Not only is it easy to prepare, but also its digestion occurs faster. Many protein drinks deliver about 15 - 20 grams of protein and about 100 calories when water is used in this drink.

Consuming whey protein has many health benefits, among them are a few that have been listed below:

Preserve muscle by losing fat - If you’ve ever lowered your caloric consumption in order to reduce extra fat, it might be of interest to know that whey protein consumption can significantly help you shed off more fat. Instead of snacks, try whey protein bar.

Gain strength and increase size - Whey protein increases strength and mass that is fat-free. Researchers have discovered that consuming whey an hour prior to and after exercising is very healthy and beneficial.

Hunger Reduction - In order to keep away from developing a character of king of Queens Doug Heffernan you need to consume whey as it helps in hunger reduction. Researchers from Australia had 28 men suffering from obesity consume four types of drinks. There was a significant drop in levels of ghrelin in those men who consumed 50 g of the beverage containing whey up to 4 hours thereafter. It’s recommended to consume a  healthy weight loss drink  like protein shake rather than eating party snacks that are unhealthy.

Cancer Prevention - One way of protecting yourself against cancer is by ensuring that you include whey protein in your diet. Another way is to get screened regularly for the particular type of cancer that may be inherited. A number of researches have as well discovered that whey protein may assist in fighting against some known types of cancer among them colon and prostate. Remember to check your doctor for screening in case you’re at risk and have whey protein included in your diet.

Stress Management - Researchers in Netherlands discovered a better option for those prone to stress. People who take in whey protein tend to be happier and have fewer signs of depression than those who don’t; this is as per research. You should go for a whey protein shake instead of submerging yourself into stress and sorrows.

Enhanced Immune System

Whey protein enhances immune system. Researchers from the University of Alberta discovered that people who indulge in exhausting activities that are aerobic significantly suffer from lowered levels of glutathione and could impact on things like immune systems, gastrointestinal, and the nervous. Nevertheless, they as well found that people undergo a significantly less reduction in levels of glutathione when whey protein is given as a supplement. If you love cardio sessions that are extended but don’t want to be exposed to a cutback of glutathione levels, reduce such effects with  whey protein .

Beef , Trukey And Buffalo Jerky For Protein

Another form of protein comes from meat products. Beef, turkey, chicken and buffalo have too much fat on them to be good for you in their natural state when cooked. If you trim off all the fat and then make jerky out of the meat you will have a low fat high protein snack if done right. Most people cannot make jerky that is as low in fat as a company called Jerky Direct. This company has it down perfect. The buffalo jerky has about 11 grams of protein per serving, 1 oz, and less then 100 calories. This makes for the perfect snack that fills you up.