Boost Testosterone

Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone

It is important to boost testosterone as both women and men suffer from low testosterone levels. This generally happens during middle age when men and women experience a drop in testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that regulates metabolism, sex organs, bone loss and other body functions. Apart from having severe effects on bone density, muscle mass and sex drive, shortage of testosterone increase the risk of heart disease and prostate cancer and can even cost you your life. 
Although low levels of testosterone can have adverse effects on your body, it is less of a medical problem but more of a lifestyle issue. Studies have shown that lifestyle choices play a pivotal role in testosterone levels in our body. Making the right choices can help boost testosterone levels.

How to boost testosterone?

Manage your body weight
Consult a doctor, at least once a year and ask for a detailed weight analysis. Being overweight or obese can be a reason for drop in testosterone levels. 
Avoid going for crash diets as restricting calories sends your body into emergency mode. This will not increase testosterone. Instead, cut down calories by 15 per cent in the first week. It is important to understand that weight loss goals need to be reasonable. Aim to improve your diet and physical activity and lose around 1 pound every week. The Slim drink may be what you need to help you acomplish this weight loss. One drink a day 30 minutes before your 1st meal of the day is all you need.
Maintaining a healthy diet is also very important. Reduce the intake of sugar as it has significant amount of calories. Increase healthy fats like the ones found in nuts, avocadoes, unheated nut oils, olives, egg yolks etc. Increase zinc in your diet as it is known to aid in increasing testosterone levels.
Regular exercise
Start strength training to boost testosterone. Start with resistance bands if you have never lifted weights before. Hire a personal trainer to teach you the proper procedure.
Use free weights or weight machines twice or thrice a week. Choose weights that tire you and do around 3 sets with 5 repetitions. You are supposed to feel muscle fatigued after weight training so allow 24 to 48 hours of rest to your muscles.
Doing cardio exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week can boost testosterone levels remarkably. 
Lifestyle changes 
Proper lifestyle changes can help boost testosterone level. A good night’s sleep is recommended to increase the level of testosterone.
Try to be more active in your daily routine. Try to move around more and sit less as this balances the hormones, reduces stress and helps in weight loss. 
Stress can lower the testosterone level as it produces cortisol which is a hormone that reduces the production of testosterone. Focus on reducing stress to boost testosterone. 


These easy steps can help boost testosterone and increase libido. The key is to lead a healthy and balanced life. Try to maintain a balance and stay stress free and this is all that is needed to stay away from the adverse effects of low testosterone levels.